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Large scale intuitive sculptural drawings in Sand,

representing all the Elements:

Sun (Fire)

Ocean (Water)

Wind (Air)

and Earth


Sage (Fire and Air) and Water Meditation

are turned into contemporary fine art installations

for every inspired Heart and space.

We ship globally & offer personalized sessions via livestream for our clients outside of California.

Upcoming Events


Please join us at the Budart Festival, a unique event to enjoy and share Sep 16 - Sep 21. Everyday is filled with special events, please check the schedule:

Please join me at the Opening Ceremony Intuitive Sand Drawing Meditation on Sep 16, 2017 between 1-3pm in the Exhibition Hall.

You may also enjoy a specially curated selection of my meditative contemporary fine art with Sand both at the entrance of the Auditorium and as a Space of Stillness installation in the Exhibition Hall. This special collection will be available to purchase and 10% of the proceeds will benefit children's foster care home selected by Budart team.

For those of you who might be interested to know, crowning the Meditative Art Exhibition is the Piprahwa Relic of Buddha Sakyamuni – an archaeological object of immense historical and cultural value, which for millions of people in the world is a symbol and material embodiment of the highest meditative achievement.

In The News

Thank you DiversionsLA for the wonderful article about this inspired work!

We are donating five Intuitive Sand Drawing sessions towards raising medical funds for our very own Nicole Saari, a young musician and mother.

If you would like to be one of the #LuckyFive, here is the link to share your contribution.

Please indicate that your donation is for "Cansu Bulgu Intuitive Sand Drawing" and leave your contact information so that we may contact to schedule your session.

Details are at the end of the article in the above link. (Photos by Genie Davis)

"Cansu Bulgu is an award winning visionary artist and a published photographer.

She is also an interpreneur™, cartoonist, writer, poet and mentor.

Cansu currently creates pioneering large-scale contemporary fine art and

architectural mixed new media installations

using Sand as her primary medium,

following her signature multi-layered creative process with the Elements and

Meditation from inception to completion.

Cansu travels to the specific beach location globally to create this unique art and

offers video live streaming of the drawing sessions for her international clients and clients outside of California.

She has always been fascinated by Life, Light and the topic of Consciousness."

Inspired Spaces

Spiritual Sand Art ∞ Contemporary Fine Art



May we all rise in Love, in our own inner Wisdom and in Peace.

Thank you Indian Wells Arts Festival judges for awarding

"Rise" (40x60") from the series titled "Opening"

Third Place in Mixed Media 3D category! ~ April 2017

"Rise" awarded (Indian Wells Arts Festival 2017)

"Eye of Oneness" from the series titled "New Light" was published in local Laguna newspapers including Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot and Laguna Beach Independent ~ October 2015

"Awe" from the series titled "Rising Awareness" was awarded First Place by Siri Kaur, Professor at Otis College of Design in Los Angeles, CA ~ January 2016

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