Wishing You All Well-Being!

Have you seen Water in this way before?

Three unique individual photographs of Water - captured as they are - seamlessly form this triptych.  This artwork, as in most of Cansu∞Art, may be displayed both vertically and horizontally as well as in all four directions.

Equally captivating however you may enjoy it!

All in this 55 second video! Please enjoy and let us know :)


Given what is happening in the world,  this high-vibration energetically-nourishing multi-dimensional truly unique art created through meditation is clearly also very timely. We invite you to surround yourself and your environment with what nourishes you. May you enjoy Peace, Well-Being and Self-Discovery...Expand your Awareness just by Being in the presence of what has been created through Presence for you!

CANSU∞ART™ Gallery Special is an incredible event that we love sharing with our clients!

We were able to serve so many of you when we first held this event around the same time last year! Thank you so much! We received such wonderful feedback and many requests to bring it back again this year so we are!

We are making select artworks from our "Show Collection" available for acquisition  at a special pricing between September 17 - September 20, 2020.

Our "Show Collection" consists of select art works that have been previously displayed  in art shows or in our gallery showroom.

All purchases must be completed Sep 20.

Artwork is expected to ship during the week of Sep 21-25.

Private Online Art Viewing begins today!

Please contact us to set up your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Visionaries, Interior Designers & Architects

"Aloha and Welcome!

This one-of-a-kind work focuses on well-being and self-care 


through Stillness creates unique insightful experiences and relaxing meditative spaces via personalized Sand Meditation™ Sessions (private and intimate group of up to five) and high-end contemporary fine art through meditation with the elements.

Please enjoy your visit and say hello if we may be of service to you.


Cansu Bulgu



Due to popular demand, we are continuing to offer Sand Meditation™ Sessions with Cansu Bulgu via live stream video worldwide.

Please contact us via our contact page or email info@cansuart.com to check availability and to book your appointment. We will respond within 24hrs of your inquiry.

For your appointment, please specify if you would like to have your "Custom One-of-a-kind Personal Key Art™" to be created from your Sand Meditation™ Session.

Sand Meditation™ Sessions may be scheduled as one-on-one and as a group. As they are specifically designed for each person and group, each session is unique in terms of its content, duration and final custom art delivery specifications. As an example, depending on availability, a Custom One-of-a-kind Personal Key Art™ from a private or group Sand Meditation™ Session that is 40x60 inches in dimension may be delivered within 6-8 weeks within the USA.

Please enjoy our Art and Testimonials pages on our website and  contact us for more information regarding this unique experience and unique contemporary fine art.

We welcome you and look forward to meeting you in the Space of Stillness aka Sand Space.

For One-on-One and Group Meditation & Personal Key Art™

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