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CANSU∞ART GALLERY (pronounced Jhansu Art) is NOW OPEN (“Soft Opening”)

at DEL AMO FASHION CENTER (next to Nordstrom)!

Is it a Fine Art Gallery? A Sanctuary? Nature’s Wisdom through the Elements represented by Sand and a delightful serving of Stardust weaves through this one-of-a-kind-in-the-world art form and meditation technology.

Whether you are looking for a unique artwork, a special gift, a relaxing energizing experience or a question to an answer, you will be sure to find it here.

We will have our Grand Opening within a couple of months where we will open our doors to the remaining of our 8000sqft gallery space.

As the period we are in continues to normalize, we will include new programming of delightful events for us all to gather and enjoy.

During this “soft” opening period, you may enjoy the storefront gallery and the following services by appointment.

Please follow us @cansuartgallery on Instagram

for updates, our event schedule and announcements.

Come visit this oasis for the soul and enjoy this unique art form and the following services as you wish.

Purchase art “contact free” or request a delivery

Schedule a personal Sand Meditation Session

Commission Personally Aligned Custom Art

Commission Art for Residential and Commercial Projects

Schedule an Art Consultation for Interior Design, Architectural & Special Projects

Meet with the Artist and learn more (schedule updates via @cansuartgallery page on Instagram)

Join Live Sand Meditation Sessions (schedule updates via @cansuartgallery page on Instagram)

If you are interested in one of the above offerings, please call 310 525 0377 or email

Whether enjoyed as a meditative “personally aligned key art”, a unique large-scale high-end contemporary fine art or a relaxing insightful sand meditation™ session, the work is precise and transformative in the most gentle and powerful way!

We invite you to surround yourself and your environment with what nourishes you.

Mysterious and familiar, beyond words, time or space, Cansu∞Art™ embraces all who enter this vast space.



(Interior and Architectural Installation Visualization Selection)

Visionaries, Interior Designers & Architects

"Let us create together unique elevated harmonious physical spaces that nourish the individual and the whole!"

Please feel free to send us your design brief and project details to explore our collaboration. You may view currently released artworks and curate a collection that is perfectly aligned with your project and your clients. You may also request a new one-of-a-kind art collection.

For the creation of your new one-of-a-kind art collection, please specify if you would like us to work with the land on which the project is (being) built or draw on a specific land anywhere in the world.

We welcome architectural installation collaborations and unique scale and media inquiries globally.

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Cansu Bulgu

Artist & Founder

Just Like Food In Your Body...What You Put In Your Space Matters

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...and surround yourself with what nourishes you!

Send us a photo of your space and we can help you visualize your new place.

Please contact us for consultation appointments.


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Sand Meditation™ Sessions with Cansu Bulgu via Live Stream Video Worldwide

Please contact us via our contact page or email to check availability and to book your appointment. We will respond within 24hrs of your inquiry.

Please enjoy our Art and Testimonials pages on our website to learn more about this unique art form.

We welcome you and look forward to meeting you in the Space of Stillness aka Sand Space.

Given what is happening in the world, this high-vibration energetically-nourishing multi-dimensional truly unique dynamic art created through meditation is clearly also very timely.

We invite you to surround yourself and your environment with what nourishes you.

Expand your Awareness just by Being in the presence of what has been created through Presence for you!

May you enjoy Peace, Well-Being and Self-Discovery...


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