CANSU ∞ ART | Art Through Meditation with the Elements ~ Translating the Unseen to the Seen Through Consulting, Art and Inspiration | by CANSU BULGU

Unique Contemporary Fine Art


3939 CROSS CREEK RD #C110, MALIBU, CA 90265

(Malibu Lumber Yard ~ Through Sep 27, 2018)

One-on-one Intuitive Sand Drawing with Cansu Bulgu

One-of-a-kind Personalized Art Piece Creation Upon Request

Simply, creations that come through Presence.

No thought. Neither any desire to make something happen nor any fear of not making it happen.

Just allowing what wants to come through, in the Moment, as it is, for you, as You, with Nature together as One.

Stillness speaks...

While in the sense of form there may seem to be lines drawn on sand

and possibly sharing of words that come from Stillness,

you notice what is as it is

and in a much deeper sense you touch your own Essence.


Enjoy it as an experience and as a unique art piece that can reflect back to you…You. 

Beyond Thought. Who You Truly Are.

~ Cansu Bulgu


Large scale intuitive sculptural drawings in Sand,

representing all the Elements:

Sun (Fire)

Ocean (Water)

Wind (Air)

and Earth


Sage (Fire and Air) and Water Meditation

are turned into contemporary fine art installations

for every inspired Heart and space.

We ship globally & offer personalized sessions via livestream for our clients outside of California as well as travel to their inspired location.

In The News

"Cansu Bulgu is an award winning visionary artist and a published photographer.

She is also an interpreneur™, cartoonist, writer, poet and mentor.

Cansu currently creates pioneering large-scale contemporary fine art and

architectural mixed new media installations

using Sand as her primary medium,

following her signature multi-layered creative process with the Elements and

Meditation from inception through completion.

Cansu travels to the specific beach location globally to create this unique art and

offers video live streaming of the drawing sessions for her international clients and clients outside of California.

She has always been fascinated by Life, Light and the topic of Consciousness."



May we all rise in Love, in our own inner Wisdom and in Peace.

Thank you Indian Wells Arts Festival judges for awarding

"Rise" (40x60") from the series titled "Opening"

Third Place in Mixed Media 3D category! ~ April 2017

"Rise" awarded (Indian Wells Arts Festival 2017)

"Awe" from the series titled "Rising Awareness" was awarded First Place by Siri Kaur, Professor at Otis College of Design in Los Angeles, CA ~ January 2016

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