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"Aloha and Welcome!

This one-of-a-kind work focuses on well-being and self-care 


through Stillness creates unique immersive experiences and relaxing meditative spaces via personalized Sand Sessions (private and intimate group of up to five) and high-end contemporary fine art through meditation with the elements.

Please enjoy your visit and say hello if we may be of service to you.

Love ~ Cansu Bulgu"

If you are inspired to acquire your Cansu∞Art, this is a perfect time!

Select artworks from our "show collection" is available at a special rate for purchase this week.

All purchases must be completed by Sep 27.

Purchased artworks will be shipped by Sep 30.

Our "show collection" refers to artworks that have been previously displayed in our gallery or have travelled to art shows. We offer our "show collection" at a special rate to support the sharing of this inspired work.

Please email to schedule your online viewing appointment.

Thank you!


Private Sand Meditation Sessions with Cansu Bulgu are currently being scheduled for September 2019.  Please email for more information and to check availability.

 While each meditation session is unique, participants share a common theme for their experience: deep relaxation, sense of peace and gratitude and insight.

Kia Orana Friends!

Our most recent trip was to Cook Islands!

Our special Cook Islands Selection will become available for purchase in the upcoming weeks. Please email to reserve your unique art work from Cansu∞Art Cook Island Selection.

We ship globally & offer personalized sessions via livestream for our clients outside of California as well as travel to their inspired location.

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