An Inspired Journey...

Slight Change in Perception, Effortless Transformation…

Cansu∞Art is intuitive art that comes from Stillness, gently opens perceptions and delightfully inspires. This unique work with sand is created only In The Moment and for The Moment, without any thought or visualization. This inspired art increases Awareness, and supports Well-Being and Self-Care. Cansu∞Art Sand Meditation Sessions are done one-on-one or with a group, personally or online. It creates relaxing meditative spaces by providing customized experiences. Cansu∞Art offers a different perspective to the viewer at every glance. By leaving all expectations behind, you enjoy a very special journey to the depth of your heart.

Those who experience the art and works of Cansu Bulgu's first and one-of-a-kind-in-the-world Sand Meditation express it as a "beyond art...a spiritual experience". Cansu is an award-winning artist, visionary and mentor, as well as a published photographer, cartoonist and poet.

Cansu has worked with Sand in North America, Turkey, South America, Middle East, South Africa, The Cook Islands and The Maldives and continues to travel globally and create in various parts of the world. She found wide coverage in the American press with the words “an oasis that embraces everyone beyond time and space”. She  attended various art festivals in California where her artworks were awarded by the jury. Her art  was in an art gallery in  Laguna Beach, which is considered the art capital of the world. She then opened her own gallery in Malibu for a while as Cansu∞Art. Her original art that appeal to the heart reside in the space of both art and healing in a geography stretching from California to China.

While enjoying a successful career, following her inner journey, Cansu  began to "draw" the first series of Cansu∞Art in meditation on the island of Kauai in Hawaii in 2010.

Cansu, who always says that her greatest teacher is “Stillness”, has inherited her interest in art and science from her family.  Her interest in “consciousness and mysticism” has always been there in  her heart from a young age. Cansu Bulgu completed three majors at University of Arizona, namely Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. As a versatile manager, she has managed strategic, technical and IT design projects, both in the USA and internationally.

Simultaneously, she received her Masters Of Science In Management Information Systems at Arizona State University while working full-time and trained in Shaolin Tai Chi and practiced various modalities  including Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Psychology (select classes) and Aromatherapy. 

Cansu Bulgu's original intuitive contemporary artworks and personalized creations are acquired by clients, collectors and interior designers. She works with multinational companies such as MGM Resorts International in various projects.

Since its foundation, in addition to personalized creations, Cansu∞Art has been bringing art works into the world as series -  each one with a different resonance. These series are titled: Initiation, Rising Awareness, New Light,  Opening, Inner Eye and  Rest-in-Knowing. The artworks from various series complement each other seamlessly and work together as a whole, both aesthetically and vibrationally.

This journey, which continues only by saying yes to the invitations of life, is created for the first time in every artwork in every meeting.

Mysterious and familiar, beyond words, time or space, Cansu∞Art embraces anyone who enters this vast space.

Welcome and enjoy!


Instagram: @cansubulgu

Photo by: Genie Davis

Photo by: Genie Davis

“The creations come from a “Space of Stillness”, which is what I call the Sand Space and without any thought or pre-visualization. My work is done with reverence for all of Life every step of the way. It is an invitation to enjoy, contemplate and celebrate Life!”

~ Cansu Bulgu

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