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Aloha Dear Love!

My name is Cansu Bulgu.

Emptiness is the Heart

of my creative process.

Intuition is my word.

Light is my medium.

My work is to reveal

the bridge between the inner landscape 

and the outer landscape,

thereby offering a shift in perception,

and ultimately,

transformation through awareness.

(pronunciation: Jhansu Bhulgoo)

An Inspired Journey...

Cansu Bulgu is an award-winning visionary artist, interpreneur and mentor. She is also a published photographer, cartoonist, writer and poet. She has always been fascinated by Life, Light and the topic of Consciousness.

In 2010, Cansu felt a powerful pull of Life towards a new inspired expression and a sense of completion at her tenured position in Information Technology. In a meditative state for nine days, she began drawing in sand in Kauai, Hawaii, the first series of her Transformative Presence Art with the Elements and Light.

Cansu creates Contemporary Fine Art through Meditation with the Elements primarily with Sand representing all the Elements: Sun (Fire), Ocean (Water), Wind (Air) and Earth as well as with Sage representing Fire and Air, and finally with Water. She follows her signature multi-layered creative flow combining both ancient processes and contemporary techniques through meditation to create personalized one-of-a kind custom pieces as well as inspired series.

Cansu’s art reveals the bridge between what we see with our eyes and what we see with our Inner Eye. Her art touches the Heart and opens perceptions inviting the viewer on a personal journey with each take.

Clients may also enjoy their one-of-a-kind fine art piece especially created for them following their sand session in honor of their special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or to celebrate and contemplate simply the vastness of The Moment.

“The creations come from a “Space of Stillness”, which is what I call the Sand Space and without any thought or pre-visualization. My work is done with reverence for all of Life every step of the way. It is an invitation to enjoy, contemplate and celebrate Life!” ~ Cansu Bulgu

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