Cansu Bulgu, Sand Meditation Art, Cook Islands

Cansu Bulgu, Sand Meditation Art, Cook Islands

Sand Meditation Art by Cansu Bulgu at Cook Islands. Cansu is shown drawing in Stillness early morning just after a brief tropical rain having washed the pristine beaches of Cook Islands.

Private Sessions

The Sand Sessions are held in person or via live stream. Drawings that are photographed are emailed to the clients by the next morning. If you are interested in also purchasing unique art work made from your session, please specify when you contact us to schedule your appointment.

Sometimes we all need a moment to be still and watch what arises from that space of Stillness. In this private session with Cansu Bulgu , you will leave all expectations behind and enjoy a very special journey into the depth of your heart through intuitive drawings in the Sand Space - sometimes also accompanied by inspired conversation. From these sessions, each client receives a unique gift that is perfectly aligned with them. While the content of the sessions may vary person to person, the common theme shared by all for the sessions are always deep relaxation, peace, immense gratitude and insight. A gentle shift in perception, effortless transformation. 

Here are some excerpts from Love Letters from our clients:

“So much warmth, so much energy, so much love...I am grateful.”

This is a spiritual experience. This is beyond art. I have no words.” 

Group Sessions

Cansu Bulgu gently opens group meditations with sound meditation. Guests are invited to use their own voice to relax into the Space of Stillness supported by the delightful sound of a crystal singing bowl. The gift of sharing such an experience within a group is that all guests have something to exchange with each other. While Cansu draws for the group and then for each individual as a part of the group meditation, the inspired verbal and visual sharing touches all that sit at the circle.

For A Special Occasion

We have been a part of many anniversary, wedding celebrations as well as self-care gifting that nurture and nourish the soul. 

Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon, birthday, anniversary or simply the vastness of the moment, you may choose to infuse your special day with an inspired sand drawing made just for you!

One-Of-A-Kind Art Session

You may enjoy an especially created Sand Space at sunrise, at sunset or a special time of your choosing where Cansu Bulgu would draw for you. In addition to this private drawing and sand meditation experience, Cansu Bulgu, through her signature multi-layered creative process through meditation, will create a one-of-a-kind-in-the-world art work for you to cherish for years to come. 

Art Collections

In addition to custom personalized art, Cansu Bulgu creates bodies of inspired work with Sand, Sage and Water that are organized under various series.  Depending on your interest, we will curate a private online gallery of select artworks from specific collections for your viewing or set up a private in person showing.

Sand Meditation Sessions are offered in person or via live stream worldwide. Artwork ships globally.

Special projects and inspired collaboration welcome.

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