While each person's experience my be unique as it relates to their life content, the Essence is the same for all. Through the Sand Sessions, time is in a way suspended and clients touch Stillness...simply Being. What you will notice in the testimonial videos is clients witnessing their own True Self.

The selection below represents various encounters over the years. Just as Sand Meditation Contemporary Art by Cansu Bulgu was being introduced to the world and as we continue to expand... 

You will notice that the feedback has been consistent in the sense that the work is always precise and meets you where you are.

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"Cansu Bulgu is a visionary, artist, mentor, designer and photographer, who makes the invisible visible, touching the heart, mind and spirit. Her work is transformative."

~ Dr Jacob Israel Liberman,  Author of "Wisdom from an Empty Mind" (Recommended Reading on Eckhart Tolle's website), "Luminous Living" and "Take off Your Glasses and See", Maui, Hawaii, USA

"Cansu, Your inspired artwork has the power to bring peace and joy to others. The visual fluidity of movement and the intricate play of light you have established within each of your works of art, like a cool stream gently guides the viewer into feelings of peace and wellbeing."

~ Giorgio Dimichina, Laguna Beach, California, USA

"Meeting Cansu and experiencing her artwork, it is very obvious there is no separation between the two - they are one and the same - a bright light, shining love into this world. She is a woman full of joy, passion, gratitude, wisdom, peace and Truth which is magnificently expressed not only through her presence but through her brilliant and enlightened artwork. Cansu is clearly an open vessel allowing something bigger to move through her as she creates and it is time for the world to meet her and her work."

~ Linda Salazar, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Thank you Cansu for seeing and then showing and sharing with us the beauty and the mysterious meanings that most of us look at, but cannot see. Life is more livable when one views Life in such a way!"

~ Canset O., Istanbul, Turkey

"Cansu’s images and art evoke expressions of the sacred soul. As a guest of her creativity, I am drawn into each image. I can feel the climate and hear the messages spoken in the texture and movement of her work. Cansu’s play with light, form and color is delightful!"

~ Barbara Becker, Arizona, USA

"Cansu, Thank you for the gallery of wonderful art pieces you curated for me. I enjoyed all of your pieces very much. Most importantly I received a clear an important message from your work, "Do what you are meant to do with your energy, with your talents and with your time here on earth" I admire you for that Cansu, for listening to Divine Guidance and for connecting with your authentic being that expresses through your art. I thank you for providing me with direction just by sharing who you are. Blessings + LOVE + peace."

~ Gustavo V., Arizona, USA

"Dear Cansu, Looking at your art, inspired me to travel inside and then brought me against the wonders of beauty that offered their light to be shared through your art. Every art piece is a trip, some travel you inside forests, others take you deep inside mother earth and the rest travel you in worlds unperceived, where stars, dreams and eternity resides. Just looking at your art I felt blessed by their unique vibration, every picture was a testimony to life, every thought was soothing and deep. Every moment in time I spend looking at them never ended. Gratitude & Love"

~ Markos S., Greece

"How much I would love to have the images you inspired me with! Perhaps then I would even remember to breathe once in a while..."

~ Dave S., Santa Barbara, California, USA


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