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Created In The Moment ∞ 

Cansu∞Art™ is intuitive art with Sand that comes from Stillness and is created “In The Moment” without any thought or pre-visualization. This unique art opens perceptions and offers a different perspective for the viewer with each take.

Concurrently offered as Cansu∞Art Sand Meditation™, sessions may be reserved as private one-on-one and group sessions, both in person and via live stream video.

Whether enjoyed as a meditative “personally aligned key art”, a unique large-scale high-end contemporary fine art or a relaxing insightful sand meditation™ session, the work is precise and transformative in the most gentle and powerful way!

Cansu Bulgu is the founder and visionary behind this one-of-a-kind-in-the-world work. In response to her heart-felt question “How can I be of service to the world?”, she listened to Heart’s guidance and began “being drawn” these both mysterious and familiar sand drawings through meditation first on the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii in 2010. Upon seeing the response from everyone who has interacted with the drawings when she first began showing them a year later, she consciously bowed away from her successful Information Technology career and has been devoted to service through this creative meditative work ever since.

Over the last ten years, Cansu has worked with Sand in North America, Turkey, South America, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, The Cook Islands and The Maldives and continues to travel globally and creates in various parts of the world. While in her home base in California, Cansu works with Sand gifted from different parts of the world such as Abu Dhabi Desert, New Mexico Desert as well as Sand from California Coast alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Cansu found wide coverage in the American press with the words “an oasis that embraces everyone beyond time and space” when she opened her own gallery in Malibu for a while as Cansu∞Art. Prior to her gallery experience, Cansu attended various art festivals in California for a brief period and the jury consistently selected and awarded her artworks – sometimes unbeknownst to her! Her art was also in a gallery in Laguna Beach, the art capital of the world.

Cansu Art Gallery is currently located in an 8000sqft space inside Del Amo Fashion Center (on the main floor next to Nordstrom) .

Cansu∞Art and Cansu∞Art Sand Meditation™ are timely works that increase Awareness, offer insight and support Well-Being and Self-Care. Those who experience the art and works of Cansu Bulgu express it as a "beyond art...a spiritual experience".

When asked about the art, Cansu responds: “It is beyond words…beyond space and time. It is Universe gifting itself. Ancient wisdom, future knowledge meets in the Now in the form of a personally aligned sharing through a live session or a contemporary artwork that match exactly what someone is looking for. It is precise, alive, aligned and totally unique – every time!”

In addition to the live stream sand meditation sessions that connect people from different parts of the world and different parts of USA, the work also physically resides as art in a wide geographic area the spans from California all the way to China.

Clients in the US and international clients are drawn to this special oasis for the soul for their own personal reasons. Like so, Cansu’s work attracts a wide range of clientele from private collectors, yoga and spa/wellness centers to interior designers and hospitality giants such as MGM Resorts International, businesses to individuals looking for a unique gift to celebrate their special occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary, for relaxation, insight or luminous meditative art to appreciate simply the vastness of the Moment. 

Since its foundation, in addition to personalized creations, Cansu∞Art™ has been bringing art works into the world as series -  each one with a different resonance. These series are titled: Initiation, Rising Awareness, New Light,  Opening, Inner Eye and  Rest-in-Knowing. The artworks from various series complement each other seamlessly and work together as a whole, both aesthetically and vibrationally. This journey, which continues only by saying yes to the invitations of life, is created for the first time in every every meeting. 

“Consciousness informs itself through its creations.” Mysterious and familiar, beyond words, time or space, Cansu∞Art™ embraces all who enter this vast space.

About Cansu Bulgu

Cansu, who always says that her greatest teacher is “Stillness”, has inherited her interest in art and science from her family.  Her interest in “consciousness and mysticism” has always been there in  her heart from a young age. Cansu Bulgu completed three majors at University of Arizona, namely Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. As a versatile manager, she has managed strategic, technical and IT design projects, both in the USA and internationally. Simultaneously, she received her Masters Of Science In Management Information Systems at Arizona State University while working full-time.

Over the last 20 years, Cansu has been  trained in and taught various various awareness technologies, modalities & meditation techniques including: Reiki Master, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Psychology (select classes) and Aromatherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Meditation and Breathwork. Cansu has been practicing Shaolin Tai Chi and Chi Gong for almost 20 years.

Celebrated as a “true original” by art professionals and art lovers, Cansu Bulgu is an award-winning artist, visionary and mentor. She is also a published photographer, cartoonist, writer and poet.

Cansu continues to create one-of-a-kind key art personally aligned for her clients, collaborates with interior designers and offers a select number of in person and live stream Sand Meditation™ sessions every month. While not creating art, she may be found teaching workshops that bring clarity, joy, peace  and that whole-heartedly  celebrate life!

Photo by: Genie Davis

Photo by: Genie Davis

"Consciousness informs itself through its creations in the moment. From Stillness comes forth a delicious invitation to self-discovery  and through its fulfillment, peace and joy beyond understanding.

~ Cansu Bulgu


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