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While enjoying a highly successful career in Information Technology, Cansu felt a powerful pull of Life towards a new inspired expression and a sense of completion at her tenured position in 2010. In a meditative state for nine days, she began drawing in sand in Kauai, Hawaii, the first series of her Transformative Presence Art with the Elements and Light.

Cansu works with Sand as her primary medium, travels globally, and through meditation, meaning no thought or pre-visualization, she creates unique immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind-in-the-world large scale contemporary fine art following her signature process.

Both Californians locally and international clients are drawn to this special oasis for the soul for their own personal reasons. Like so, Cansu’s work attracts a wide range of clientele from private collectors, yoga and spa/wellness centers to interior designers and hospitality giants such as MGM Resorts International, businesses to individuals looking for a unique gift to celebrate their special occasion or luminous meditative art to appreciate simply the vastness of the Moment.

For her highly personalized work, Cansu offers "Sand Meditation Sessions" one-on-one with her clients or for an intimate group on location anywhere in the world, both in person and via live stream. Each "Sand Meditation Session" is a unique offering by itself and brings through different gifts for each person, yet the common theme shared by all clients are a sense of immense peace and gratitude as well as deep relaxation of the body and mind.

Celebrated as a “true original” by art professionals and art lovers, Cansu Bulgu is an award-winning artist, visionary and mentor. She is also a published photographer, cartoonist, writer and poet.

Mysterious and familiar, beyond words, time or space, Cansu∞Art Gallery embraces all who enter this sacred space.

Photo by: Genie Davis

Photo by: Genie Davis

“The creations come from a “Space of Stillness”, which is what I call the Sand Space and without any thought or pre-visualization. My work is done with reverence for all of Life every step of the way. It is an invitation to enjoy, contemplate and celebrate Life!”

~ Cansu Bulgu

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