Aloha Dear Love!

My name is Cansu Bulgu.

Emptiness is the Heart

of my creative process.

Intuition is my word.

Light is my medium.

My work is to reveal

the bridge between the inner landscape 

and the outer landscape,

thereby offering a shift in perception,

and ultimately,

transformation through awareness.

(pronunciation: Jhansu Bhulgoo)

Cansu Bulgu is an award winning visionary artist, interpreneur™ and mentor. She is also a published photographer, cartoonist, writer and poet. She has always been fascinated by Life, Light and the topic of Consciousness. 

Cansu travels the world creating “Space of Stillness” installations offering her Intuitive Sand Drawing Meditation one-on-one and for groups in person and via live stream in nature and surrounded by especially curated transformative pieces from her inspired meditative contemporary fine art series, which she creates through meditation with the Elements from inception to completion.

An Inspired Journey...

Cansu was born into an artistic family in Istanbul, Turkey and creativity has been woven into the very fabric of her life since early childhood.

Following her intuition, Cansu moved to the United States when she was only a teenager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a Masters of Science in Information Management.

While leading a successful career in business in a highly technical field, Cansu always enjoyed time spent in Stillness in Nature and the opportunity to integrate various Awareness practices and transformation tools such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Aroma Therapy and Reiki.

In 2010, she felt a powerful pull of Life towards a new inspired expression and a clear sense of completion at her tenured position. In a meditative state for nine days, Cansu began drawing on sand in Kauai, Hawaii, the first series of her Transformative Art with the Elements and Light.

What are Intuitive Sand Drawings exactly?

The answer is both simple and profound. They offer their unique gifts to the viewer.

Cansu is currently offering this unique experience in the form of  "Live Intuitive Sand Drawing Sessions" for her clients as well as personalized one of a kind installation pieces and inspired series on dye-infused ink metal panels.

Her pioneering Transformative Presence Art™ work and inspired sessions have been acknowledged as "Visionary", "Transformative", "Meditative" and "Insightful" by many of her beloved clients and by highly regarded luminaries of our times who are well known for their global contributions toward expanding humanity's vision.

With a growing global following, Cansu’s work has been supporting causes including Compassion Anthology, The Peace Project, Earth Day Celebration and recently Budart Project. Her work has been published both in print and online media in US and internationally, featured on stage in live theatre, offered both at private and public events and shared in New York, California, Arizona and Istanbul, Turkey. Cansu’s work is currently on display in private homes and business headquarters of her beloved clients across the United States and internationally, including California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Mexico, Istanbul, Turkey and China.

Cansu’s art reveals the bridge between what we see with our eyes and what we see with our Inner Eye. Her art touches the Heart and opens perceptions inviting the viewer on a personal journey with each take. Both mysterious and familiar, Cansu’s work offers a fascinating journey of discovery and appreciation for the creative dance, the Great Mystery of Life! 

Copyright © Cansu Bulgu, All Rights Reserved.

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