CANSUART with the Elements and Light

Cansu Bulgu creates Transformative Art with the Elements and Light through Meditation following her unique multi-layered creative process that is both organic and contemporary.

She works primarily with Sand creating large scale sculptural drawings intuitively on the beach, which she first photographs then paints with Light in the digital environment through her proprietary process and prints the final image on metal.

Until the moment that the piece is complete, she holds no thought or pre-visualization of the final image. It is a fascinating journey of discovery and appreciation for the creative dance, the Great Mystery of Life…

Cansu also works with Water Element and Fire and Air Elements through Sage smoke photographing what each Element reveals through meditation.

Her work is considered unique, meditative, insightful and heart opening by her clients as well as pioneering and visionary by luminaries of our time.

We ship globally & offer personalized sessions via livestream for our clients outside of California.

Transformative Art Series with the Elements are primarily displayed as contemporary fine art metal prints.

Personalized creations, architectural installations utilizing different media and scale as well as unique projects are welcome and are tailored to the clients' needs.

Art Installation Visualization

Personalized Art & Intuitive Sand Drawing

Please enjoy this recent article that was published about this inspired work.

In addition to her inspired series, Cansu offers Personalized Transformative Art for individuals, groups, events and organizations.

Cansu offers live intuitive drawing sessions with her clients at a specially selected beach in person or via live stream.

Clients may also request such a "Space of Stillness" to be created on site, such as at a special event venue, private residence, gallery, public space, conferences or a corporate space.

Following the sessions, per clients' request, Cansu creates the final one-of-a-kind spiritual contemporary fine art piece for her client following her signature process.

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