Interior Design & Architecture

"There are several ways you may incorporate this unique dynamic art into your projects!"

You may view our currently released art collections and curate a unique set based on your project and client's needs. You may also request a new art collection which may be created through meditation on location of your project or anywhere in the world. Final installation size and media selection depends on your project.

Please feel free to send us your design brief and project details when you contact us. We will review and meditate on it prior to our initial consultation meeting. (Yes, we will! :)

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Currently Released Art Collections

The following series are foundational series that are currently available for acquisition:


Initiation Series*

Rising Awareness Series

New Light Series

Opening Series

Inner Eye Series

Rest-In-Knowing Series

* Select art forms


Rising Awareness ~ Fire & Air  Series


Rising Awareness ~ Water Series


Rising Awareness ~ Light Series

Each series carries a specific vibration and offers a unique look and feel and color combination.

Once you set up your consultation meeting, we can review the art collections online together.

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Architectural Installations & Unique Projects

Majority of the artworks may be displayed in all four directions and both portrait and landscape, equally captivating in all four directions. While the surface is technically flat, the texture of the artwork appeals to the sense of touch through its multidimensional feel. Artwork dimensions and installation methods may vary depending on the project. For example, let's imagine that we install a custom artwork as a gate for one of your architectural projects...

For such unique requests supporting your interior design and architectural installation vision, artworks may be adopted in different material and size  in addition to their  signature contemporary look and feel. As always, we welcome all requests and meditate on it to see if we hear a sound "Yes!" :)

Cansu Bulgu Sand Drawing Sand Meditation Global


How would you like to have the art be created from the very elements that exist on site of your project?

How about  a favorite place that holds a special  meaning for your clients?

Just as food is different in different parts of the world, so is Sand. We can also create art work at (or connecting to) various locations in the world.

All through meditation...From Stillness, only what wants to be created is created. Always precise and perfectly aligned!

Have you seen "Water" this way before?

Three unique individual photographs of Water - captured as they are - seamlessly form this triptych.

This artwork, as in most of Cansu∞Art, may be displayed both vertically and horizontally as well as in all four directions.

Equally captivating however you may enjoy it!

All in this 55 second video!

Please enjoy and let us know :)


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