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"Consciousness informs itself through its creations."

Established in 2010 by Cansu Bulgu, Cansu∞Art Sand Meditation is a Unique Art Form and Meditation Technology.

Currently, in addition to the unique vibrational physical art forms that you may acquire to harmonize, elevate and meditate and the experience of the such spaces we create  worldwide, we offer Sand Meditation Sessions and Personally Aligned Artwork Creations.

What is a Sand Meditation Session?

Some experiences move us beyond the realm of words. Such movement only comes from Stillness. Sand Meditation Session is one such experience. During this one hour session (approximately) you will observe yourself through the Sand Space and expand your awareness in a uniquely gentle and potent way. The content of each session is unique and precisely aligned to the client. Created In The Moment, the general flow of the session is Opening, Creation and Closing Meditation. During the session, inspired drawings may be accompanied by inspired conversation, sometimes just stillness, moments of insight and realization. When perception opens, transformation happens effortlessly. 

What is Personally Aligned Art?

Created in the Moment through Sand Meditation, Personally Aligned Art is precisely aligned to the recipient. It is an actual physical art form that one receives. Personally Aligned Art sessions include Sand Meditation Sessions.

Personally Aligned Art is the painted energetic sculpture image created in the moment through Sand Meditation in person or via live stream at the beach. This offering will incorporate specific vibrations of light in through the infusion of color through meditation and comes in a 40x60" exhibit mount metal print with an inset metal frame and French cleat for hanging system. Various surface and corner options are available. 

Depending on availability, the Personally Aligned Art Reveal Appointment is scheduled with you in person or via Zoom within 8 weeks following the Sand Meditation Session where you can view before we proceed to physically create the inspired art form.

Gift Certificates

In response to countless requests we have been receiving from you, the growing inspired global community, we are offering personalized Gift Certificates. Please contact us if you decide to give the gift of Sand Meditation and we will create a personalized gift certificate for you in physical form or as an electronic file that you can share. The recipient contacts the gallery to schedule their session.

Special Occasions

In the past, we have been approached by couples planning their wedding. Such special ceremonies may be supported by this work to prepare the space for the ceremony, support the persons involved and the space that they reside. For example, before and after the wedding, a personally aligned art may be created for the couple as one.

There may be other inspired creations as there are several rights of passage and turning points in life. Celebrating The Vastness Of The Moment is a special occasion in and of itself.

Please feel free to contact us and share us your vision and intention. All  requests are evaluated individually and acted on only if there is alignment. We are always happy to listen and see  how we may support you.


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